April 23, 2024

We recently did a VIP post on the architect of “equity-based algebra.” Jo Boaler is “a Stanford professor of math education who’s arguably most responsible for the new California Math Framework — a set of curriculum recommendations that advocate against teaching algebra to most of the state’s gifted middle-schoolers in the name of equity.”

We’ve done a lot of posts about how math is racist. We’ve done posts about how showing your work on a math problem is imposing “whiteness.” A Boston-area school eliminated advanced math in middle school in the name of equity. Seattle’s K-12 “Math Ethnic Studies Framework” had as one of its themes the “Power of Oppression.”

Speaking of Seattle, Jason Rantz reports that Seattle Public Schools have canceled a gifted program over a lack of racial diversity.

Rantz reports:

Outraged more by the success of white and Asian students than by the untapped potential of Black and Hispanic pupils, progressives would rather drag achievers down than elevate everyone. These self-proclaimed saviors boast on social media about tackling inequities, oblivious to the harm they inflict. Indeed, the program to replace the HCC [Highly Capable Cohort program], and be implemented in every classroom, ensures that gifted students will be unchallenged, struggling students will escape the attention they deserve and teachers will be overwhelmed. In other words, everyone will be equitably harmed.

But parents, including those who are Black, Asian and Hispanic, argued against closing them down. They argued that SPS should work harder to identify minority students who are eligible for HCC, rather then kill the program entirely.

One father pleaded that the Seattle School Board “consider the disservice you would be doing to the minorities that are already in the HCC program.” He argued that the gifted program “does more for Black children, particularly Black boys, than it does for their peers.”

But the extremist Seattle School Board was unmoved.


This is the kind of thinking that prevents students with an aptitude for math from taking advanced courses before junior year — up until then, everyone follows the same equitable curriculum.

We had hope in the after math of the Harvard plagiarism scandal that math at least would be the last refuge against indoctrination. But this is the equality of outcome that Vice President Kamala Harris championed: no gifted program for anyone.


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