March 2, 2024

On day one of the Biden presidency, the White House rescinded many of the measures that were keeping the border secure, which resulted in record numbers of people flowing into the country illegally. 

Border Patrol has processed more migrants who entered the U.S. illegally in December than in any other month in the agency’s history, internal federal statistics obtained by CBS News show, highlighting the magnitude of the extraordinary migration crisis the Biden administration is grappling with. 

U.S. Border Patrol agents took into custody more than 225,000 migrants who crossed the southern border — in between official crossings — during the first 27 days of December, according to the preliminary Department of Homeland Security statistics.

However, it’s still not enough for Democrats like Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, who was talking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and said the quiet part out loud: 

Wait, what were those two words again?


Yeah, that’s what we thought Murphy said. At least those “undocumented Americans” know that they’re the people the Dems care most about. 

Bingo! And Murphy couldn’t have made that more clear.

The Democrats couldn’t make it more obvious who they care the most about, and it’s NOT their actual constituencies.

“Undocumented Americans” — unreal.

Great question! The Democrats at least hope to turn them all into voters.

And it’s all by design, which makes it even more maddening, and the Democrats need to be sent a huge message in November.



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