March 4, 2024

During last night’s Super Bowl, the moment that the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce got upset with head coach Andy Reid became instant meme gold. 

As sometimes happens, politicians try to get involved and ruin the fun. Such was the case with Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy, who used the picture for an attempted border security swipe at Republicans:

Hey, we can do that too: “You can’t say you’re for border security but support the president who has allowed the border to be open since taking office!” 

On day one Biden removed the measures that were making the border more secure, and not only that but the White House and Democrats spent the ensuing three years insisting the border was secure. At that point the reality of the situation became impossible to hide, so the Biden White House had to try and find a way to blame Republicans for their mess.

Yep. The Democrats want everybody to believe that “border security” means letting millions of people into the country illegally and then granting mass amnesty.

At least not the U.S. border. Even Murphy admitted as much:


“The border never closes” doesn’t exactly scream “border security.”

The Democrats don’t want a secure border and that couldn’t be more obvious. If they did they’d just ask Biden to undo everything he did on day one in office.

Carol Roth has a much more accurate version in regards to “Bidenomics”:



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