May 20, 2024

With all our major games, we put up threads on the forums so people can share their dopest highlights with everyone. In The Show forum, it’s a little more split up as we have a thread for the best MLB The Show 24 highlights split up into a home runs thread and the best Web Gems thread.

Since the game has been out now for close to two months, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights from the community thus far. Let’s dive into some of my picks (and share your own for sure in the threads linked).

MLB The Show 24 Best Highlights

Kicking things off, we have a laser show from Fernando Tatis Jr. The situation isn’t anything crazy, but the fact that OS user franch1se is able to get Tatis Jr. to make the catch, spin, and throw a missile to get the runner at third is something we probably would not have seen in last year’s game.

Gunnar Henderson has been showing out with the bat this year, but OS user bkrich83 makes sure to show off the range and arm of Henderson with this highlight. Again, I sort of picked it because I just love the animation. We’ve seen the dive animations before, but I love when there’s urgency by the fielders, especially when it ties together with that more sidearm throw.

We hop in the time machine here and OS user The Gamer gives us a look at Shawon Dunston making an insane dive and throw from SS in the bottom of the 8th of a close game.

These next two highlights go in the bucket of “I’ve never seen that before in the game” and it starts with the over-the-shoulder-no-look toss by Rowdy Tellez. This one was shared by OS user jrnlgrn.

What’s even funnier to see is a catcher near home plate fielding a ball from the outfielder — only to then quickly dish it off to the pitcher at home plate to make a tag. This one also comes from franch1se.

We need to showcase at least one sick grab at the wall, and who better than Brenton Doyle to give us that (the Rockies don’t have much, let’s at least give this to them). Thanks to OS user timmg for sharing that one.

Wrapping up the Web Gems, we have OS user tc020791 giving us a triple play — and also he claims the first he’s ever had in The Show (and he’s played since ’14).

Now for the dingers, it’s more about game situation, swag, or exit velo/distance. Starting off, bkrich83 brings Gunnar back to the highlight reel with a game-tying home run in the bottom of the 9th.

OS user TNKNGM goes third deck in Milwaukee with Rafael Devers to break a 3-3 tie in the top of the 10th.

Taking it to the Home Run Derby, Sammy Sosa hits one 530 feet at Coors Field, just because. Thanks to OS user Happy29 for this one.

OS user countryboy states the obvious here by pointing out that four home runs are better than one home run. Have a day Nolan Arenado with four home runs in one game against the Phillies.

OS user NewNapkin shows that sometimes you need a little assistance from the outfielders as this one sneaks over the fence after hitting off the glove of the left fielder.

Ending the highlights, OS user Happy29 returns with Morel’s 498-foot homer that goes off a building outside Wrigley Field. Plus it has some major swag from Morel.