May 24, 2024

January 6 has become a religious holiday to the left. No matter what happened on that day, they will hyperbolize the events to the highest degree they can, regardless of the facts. As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, we can expect to see even more of this from Democrat politicians, their media allies, and the innumerable sock puppets who follow them on Twitter. 

After all, besides weaponizing abortion, what else do they have to run on? Joe Biden’s ‘accomplishments’?

HAHAHAHAHAHA … sorry, we made ourselves laugh there for a minute. 

One of the latest tall tales the left is now telling about January 6 is how then-Vice President Mike Pence’s ‘life was in danger.’ They, of course, have no evidence for this, not even from the corrupt FBI, so they turn to the ‘expert class’ to justify the claim. In this case, that took the form of former White House Situation Room officer Mike Stiegler.

Stiegler offered ‘details’ in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Good Morning, America

‘It’s important to me that we don’t forget that it did come that close, and that we did have discussions, ‘If we lose the [vice president,] if the 25th [Amendment] is invoked,’ Mike Stiegler said in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired Tuesday on ‘Good Morning America,’ in a clip highlighted by Mediate. “We started running through all of these game plans because it was getting close.’

Stiegler also agreed with Stephanopoulos when he referred to the Jan. 6. riot as one ‘of our own people’ and ‘inspired’ by Trump.


Stiegler agreed with Stephanopoulos? Well, imagine that. What The Hill fails to report here is that Stiegler is featured in Stephanopoulos’ new book about January 6, ‘The Situation Room.’ How convenient that he was available for a national TV interview with that same author. 

Of course, Stiegler never details HOW ‘it came close.’ Because he can’t. Yes, the Secret Service did take Pence to a garage when protesters were escorted into the Capitol. That is standard procedure. There is no indication from any notable authority, however, that Pence’s life was ever in any actual danger. 

But that’s the left. Never let facts get in the way of a juicy narrative. 

Twitter wasn’t buying it for a second. 

Ya think? He wouldn’t be the first. During the Kangaroo Court January 6 Committee hearings, many witnesses were caught lying, from Cassidy Hutchingson to Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone and many of his colleagues. 

Well, we will give Pence credit for one thing. At least he WAS in the Capitol when the protest was happening, unlike AOC. And yet, somehow she was almost killed AND almost sexually assaulted. 

Facts are superfluous and irrelevant when the person interviewing you about the events is Stephanopoulos. 


We hadn’t seen Pence’s life in that much danger since that fly landed on his head during the vice presidential debate.

Too bad Stiegler was never asked any of those questions in his puff ABC appearance. 

It’s funny how the left is never concerned with or has any curiosity about the woman who actually was killed on January 6. 

Not ‘haha’ funny, you understand. 

It is the world’s worst cologne. 

Only because that’s what it is. 

HAHAHA. We like the Reno 911 gif for this fictional story from Stiegler as well. 

No one is ever going to believe this fiction. But as we said at the beginning, that won’t stop the left from pushing it.  

Ahhh, there’s the question. Why now? 

Well, putting aside that Stephanopoulos has a book to sell, obviously it is coming out now because there is an election coming up and the Democrats’ current candidate against Trump can’t spell ‘cat’ if you spot him the C and the T. 

That’s why this is coming out now. 

It’s not that the left and the media think you are stupid. They do. But more importantly, it’s that they need you to be stupid. That’s the only way any of their narratives ever work. 

Here at Twitchy, we tend to prefer it when people — like our readers — are a lot smarter than that.