March 4, 2024

On Saturday, this editor did a VIP post about Palestinians turning out en masse to witness the turning over of Hamas hostages to the Red Cross. Men and boys lined the streets and surrounded the vehicles, holding up their iPhones to record the event.

Britain’s Sky News was running short on time in its interview with a spokesman for the IDF, but the host had to get in one last question: how were the Palestinians downloading maps when they have no electricity to charge their iPhones?

Check out this footage of the hostage release and see how many are capturing the moment on their phones:

They must have really good batteries to have lasted this long. And they have no WiFi … and yet we’re seeing this footage uploaded to social media. It’s a mystery.


But they have no WiFi … and yet that vlogger who’s become known as Mr. FAFO has been uploading videos from Gaza this entire time.


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