March 4, 2024

When it comes to sleepers in sports video games, usually we talk about draft classes and go from there. With NBA 2K24 and the MyEras mode, things get slightly more complicated when it comes to sleepers because, well, there are multiple eras.

With that in mind, I find it very funny to see OS people sharing “sleepers” from MyEras considering we know how these careers ended up. If you’re playing in the Jordan Era, we already know how it all went because what happened, happened. But it doesn’t mean there can’t be sleepers, and we are not bound to real life (or the space-time continuum) in NBA 2K24.

That said, I still get an enormous giggle out of the fact that Joe Wolf is the first person listed in the thread. Yep, you probably don’t know who that is unless you’re a Clippers fan, a Tar Heels fan, or super locked in on late ’80s ball.

So, who is Joe Wolf? Well, he’s one of many terrible LA Clippers draft picks. The 13th pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, he averaged a spectacular 4.2 PPG on 42 percent shooting. However, in NBA 2K24 he’s apparently a sleeper. That’s beautiful.

The other aspect that makes MyEras fun to talk about when it comes to sleepers is you might just remember using some of these players in old NBA 2K games and destroying people with them. Another name brought up in the thread is Omri Casspi. I remember using the Sacramento Kings and cooking people with Omri Casspi and Tyreke Evans in NBA 2K11.

So feel free to stop by the thread and share some of the sleepers you’ve found or just read about some other players who might just make your squad a force in your era of choice.