March 2, 2024

The disastrous Biden report and his even MORE disastrous presser have not been a good look for the Democrats OR our pals in the Never Trump camp. You see, we were all just too uninformed to know Biden was the right choice even for Republicans because Trump BAD and they had to conserve conservatism.

Or something.

Now that we’ve seen their candidate completely shizit the bed and meltdown in front of the world (whoever thought he should speak last night should be fired), we can see a bit of panic setting in with our ‘betters’ and it’s honestly glorious.

Have a side of schadenfreude with your coffee, Bill Kristol.

Ya’ don’t say.

What a painfully smug pill to swallow.

And look at this:

How very conservative of Kristol.

Nothing says you’re conserving conservatism like hanging out with a vampire like James Carville talking about how GRETCH is a good choice if (when) Biden can’t run.


And since The Bulwark is flipping out we checked in on The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson who retweeted this.

We get it, Rick, you hate Trump and have made a lot of money hating Trump, but this is just sad, even for you.

He retweeted this as well:

The White House doesn’t want Hur clearing Biden of charges using the rationale of his being mentally unfit. And they think this is a good way to defend Biden? Because Biden says so?

Yeah, no.

Ladies and germs, THIS is gonna be fun.



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