May 20, 2024

We were assured by 51 top men that the Hunter Biden laptop was classic Russian disinformation. That’s as much as the mainstream media would report about it. But then Biden started threatening lawsuits over the laptop. Just last month, we said he was suing Fox News for “publishing intimate images of him.” So he admits all those pictures of him nude smoking crack with hookers are real.

Ashley Biden is trending on X Monday for essentially the same reason. As we reported last month, a woman was sentenced to a month in jail for selling Biden’s diary to Project Veritas after finding it. A month in prison for a supposedly fake diary? Ashley Biden in April wrote a letter to a judge asking for prison time, essentially proving that the diary was real.

Fact-checking site Snopes has recently changed one of its fact-checks from “Unproven” to “True.” The fact-check: “A diary authored by U.S. President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, describes actions taken toward her by her father when she was a child as ‘probably not appropriate.'” 

Those inappropriate actions included showering with Ashley.

Huh. Snopes explains:

Note: On April 29, 2024, Snopes changed the rating of this fact check from “Unproven” to “True” based on testimony provided by Ashley Biden. In an April 8 letter to a New York judge requesting jail time for one of the two people convicted of stealing her diary, Biden wrote, “I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.” 

Previous versions of this fact check noted “strong evidence” that the diary existed, but argued that no source had authenticated the contents of the pages published online, writing that “the authenticity of photographs purported to be from a diary is a separate question from the factual existence of a diary.”


The Post Millennial reports:

The letter from Ashley Biden stated, “I am deeply saddened that I even have to write this letter because my personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit.”

Adding to her words, she also stated that the diary will be used to “peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thoughts.”

“Was I molested?” She had written in the diary. She also stated that she had been hyper-sexualized” as a child and had taken “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, Joe Biden.

So the diary went from fake to real but only a record of stream-of-consciousness thoughts.

Snopes used to be reliable 25 years ago.

President Joe Biden will of course never be asked to explain these passages, which were just stream-of-consciousness ramblings.

Hunter and Ashley … what great parents they had.