March 4, 2024

Can we talk about the two-tiered justice system that seems to be happening now in this country?

We’ve seen a variety of examples and now another one is getting people riled up on Monday. The case involves the sentence given to two people in connection with the BLM riots in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Chisom Kingston and Natalia Hanna White accepted a plea deal to charges that included first-degree arson in the June 2020 burning down of a Wendy’s following the shooting of Rayshard Brooks by a police officer outside the restaurant. 

A first-degree arson sentence could get you a lot of time, assuming someone chooses to hold you accountable. 

A person convicted of the offense of arson in the first degree shall be punished by a fine of not more than $50,000.00 or by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than 20 years, or both.

So what sentence did these people get when pleading to a very serious crime like arson in the highest degree? 

They have to pay a $500 fine, do 150 hours of community service, and serve five years of probation. John Wesley Wade, the third defendant, has not yet had his case decided. 

That’s just ridiculous, and many sounded off on X about the two-tiered system of justice. How much damage was there? I’d venture far more than $500 dollars. How could anyone consider this to be a serious punishment for the offense to which they pled? 

Many on X compared it to the sentences received by the Jan. 6 defendants or the man who got a prison sentence for making a meme of Hillary Clinton. Those folks didn’t have the “magical D” to help them so they were out of luck. Some also compared it to the heavy counts that former president Donald Trump faces in the same Georgia county for making a phone call for which he’s facing potentially many years in prison if convicted. 

Elon Tears Apart Disgusting Sentence for Man Convicted of Posting Hillary Clinton Memes. 

“J6’ers are being locked up for years for walking in the Capitol and some never walked inside at all, but the guys who plead guilty to arson and burned down the Wendy’s in Atl in 2020 BLM riots only have to pay a $500 fine!!!” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who represents Georgia, declared. “The scales of Justice have tipped so hard one way they have fallen off!!!”