May 24, 2024

Yesterday Republicans including House Speaker Mike Johnson, Rep. Byron Donalds and Vivek Ramaswamy, showed up and spoke in support of Donald Trump outside the New York City courthouse where the Democrats’ latest attempt at election interference is taking place. 

Believe it or not (yeah, you’ll believe it) the crew at MSNBC, led by Rachel Maddow, spotted yet another item for their “cult of Trump” file, which is always funny coming from the cult of TDS.

All of the Republicans who showed up outside the NYC courthouse were wearing suits, and do you know who else wears suits?

Frankly it’s a little surprising that Maddow didn’t stretch that one out a bit more: “And you know who else also wore a tie and jacket sometimes — HITLER!”

The cable net should just change its name to MSTDS:

It’s a good thing the Left never walks in sartorial lockstep. Wait, that’s not true:

Maddow’s remarks are just more projection from the Left.