March 4, 2024

Earlier this month we told you about reports of how one San Francisco Bay-area school was trying to boost test scores, and it’s the most “progressive” great idea ever in that it’ll have the opposite effect, all with the help of an organization called “Woke Kindergarten” providing guidance for teachers: 

The details behind Woke Kindergarten are even worse than you might have imagined, but predictably the Left’s problem isn’t the insanity that teachers are being taught to teach kids, but rather with the teacher who exposed what’s going on. 

Here’s how the SF progs have temporarily solved the problem as they see it:

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The East Bay teacher who publicly questioned spending $250,000 on an anti-racist teaching training program was placed on administrative leave Thursday, days after he shared his concerns over Woke Kindergarten in the Chronicle.

Hayward Unified School District teacher Tiger Craven-Neeley said district officials summoned him to a video conference Thursday afternoon and instructed him to turn in his keys and laptop and not return to his classroom at Glassbrook Elementary until further notice.

They did not give any specifics as to why he was placed on paid leave, other than to say it was over “allegations of unprofessional conduct,” Craven-Neeley said.


Exposing leftist lunacy and letting taxpayers know how their money is being spent is now considered “unprofessional conduct”? This is where we are.


“Problem solved,” according to the whacko lefties in San Fran.


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