February 21, 2024

Of ALL the possible combination of things this writer NEVER thought she’d EVER write about, at least one of them was the popular but unbearably annoying show, The Bachelor. But now you, dear readers, need to combine The Bachelor with the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Gypsy Rose Blanchard who was just released from prison for the murder of her mother.

Yeah, you heard us right. We’ll give you a moment to try and reconcile these three things in your mind.

You good now? Ok, let’s just dive right in!

Now, we understand that not a lot of people are watching The Bachelor because the show is a case study in the intellectual prowess of pretty men, but Justice Ginsberg was WIDELY known, and for decades. We had these glowing profiles of her in the media and in the news. Documentaries were made, but the one thing she didn’t have that Gypsy Rose had was a docu-drama made by HULU that was widely popular. Starring Patricia Arquette and Joey King as ‘Dee Dee’ and Gypsy Rose, it was a whole big thing, and yes, this writer watched the crap out of it.

So how in the world did this man’s mind connect those two women?

We laughed at that last one. HARD.


It’s wild, that’s for sure.

We’d watch it just for that, honestly.

Another X user was gracious enough to post the clip of the mix-up, and yes, thank God he’s pretty.

At least he knew who Gypsy Rose Blanchard was and what she did, even if he couldn’t land on her name. If he had actually thought she was a Supreme Court Justice, this writer would’ve lost it!

Oh dear!

Please never change, it’s really good for our careers here at Twitchy!


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