April 23, 2024

April Fool’s Day is almost over and, frankly, we couldn’t be happier about it. In an era where the media lives up to their label of ‘fake news’ nearly every day, and where politicians gaslight Americans just as frequently, if not more so, April Fool’s Day has kind of lost all meaning.

Perhaps celebrity chef Alton Brown said it best this morning: 

Yeah. What he said. 

Twitter owner and master troll Elon Musk had much the same feeling. 

Still, every year, some Twitter accounts large and small do manage to make us laugh with their April 1 jokes. And it’s funny that Musk said that this afternoon because this morning, he posted one of the funniest April Fool’s Day tweets we’ve seen in a while. 

We won’t recap all of the laughs that came along with that one. You can read Twitchy’s coverage of his tweet here. 

We do have to give him a chef’s kiss for the ‘linguine’ reference though, a clear nod to South Park’s recent takedown of Disney and its woke Star Wars head, Kathleen Kennedy. 

All due respect to Musk though, we think the best April Fool’s Day joke today came from Twitchy’s own Sam Janney, a.k.a., @PolitiBunny, who wrote a hilarious spoof about David French — notorious Twitchy hater — coming to join our team.

We’re here to tell you that this nearly caused a revolt among the Twitchy freelance staff. 


Once we got over that though, we looked around Twitter to see if anyone else could make us laugh today. Here are some of our favorites. 

We’re not TOO afraid of Sgt. Scales. But please let us know if his superior officer, Captain Crocodile, is headed our way. 

Now THAT is a prank worthy of April Fool’s Day. We’re not sure if that is from this year, or if it’s even real, but that was just masterfully done by this teacher’s student. 

Did you click on the picture? You did, didn’t you? That’s OK, so did we. 

Believe it or not, Kurt Russell was trending on Twitter all day today. And it was mostly because of this fake quote that someone assigned to him. He never said this, of course, but it sure as heck sucked in a lot of Twitter on April 1. 

Well played, Ron Coleman. We can’t say you really fooled us with this tweet, but we give you an A for effort.

This goes back to Musk’s and Brown’s original tweets about April Fool’s Day, but it is pretty impressive the sheer volume of lies we’re expected to swallow in a single administration. 

OK, this one likely only made the literary types laugh, but since we’re one of those types, we threw that in here. Except they should have called it, of course, Jane Eyre II – Gothic Boogaloo.

If you don’t know Damon Imani, he is great at trolling the left with fake videos. Pay very close attention to the shadows in this video and we promise, you will laugh even harder. 

And then there were some tweets that weren’t trying to fool anyone, just having some fun.

Hey, it’s just bears doing bear things. Who doesn’t love that on April Fool’s Day or any other day?  

Of course, along with the funny, there were some real epic failures that came along with April Fool’s Day, like this awful attempt by French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal

Yep. Nothing like a boondoggle of a quagmire war that you want to send your citizens to die in for no reason. That’s always a big laugh-getter. And, somehow, the apology only makes it worse. 

And obviously, whiny Luke Skywalker had to try to get in on the action with a weak April Fool’s Day joke. 

Ugh. The cringe is strong with that one. 

Twitchy covered this one earlier today as well. And yes, we’re all HOPING that this tweet from professional TDS sufferer Tristan Snell is NOT actually a joke.

There were a couple of big ones that made our hearts skip for a moment, then gratefully exhale when we realized they were jokes. 

Pardon us for sounding like humorless leftists, James O’Keefe and Scott Presler, but, ‘THAT’S NOT FUNNY.’ 

We need you both. Badly. We’re very happy you both were joking. Thankfully, O’Keefe followed his tweet up with a perfect video. 

We’ll close with not one but two tweets from who else but the Babylon Bee. They get two because they are the kings of treating every day like it’s April Fool’s Day. 

As the saying goes, it’s funny because it’s true. 

We hope you enjoyed April Fool’s Day, Twitchy readers, and hope you didn’t get sucked in by any of the fake news. 

But there’s also a good lesson that everyone can take away from April 1 to apply to the other 364 days in the year: 

As our good friend Judianna herself is known to say: ‘BOOMITY.’


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