April 25, 2024

In the new age of men claiming the mantle of womanhood and demanding absurd things like getting a Brazilian bikini wax from female aestheticians and trying to sue them because they do not want to touch his penis, or going to a gynecologist and getting angry when they will not do an examination, because HELLO, no woman parts are there to examine, this new survey from The Hill should come as no surprise.

Now, this writer read the article so that you don’t have to give them the clicks unless you just really want to, and the author seems to have buried the lede just a tad and only states at the very end that it’s really not the L’s, G’s, or B’s who are reporting negative experiences. It’s the T’s and Q’s. Shocking, we know.

Yeah, they’re doctors, they’re going to figure it out rather quickly. And don’t remind the patient that they’ll still need regular prostate exams as they get older. Trans men still need regular Pap smears as well.

That is their core identity, not one of the eleventy billion genders they’ve fabricated out of thin air. These people wouldn’t know who they are if they can’t somehow be a victim of something.


Affirming a delusion has never ended well.

What is happening here is that the TQ’s are being faced with the objective reality of who and what they actually are, and they don’t like it. Biology doesn’t lie and it’s extremely important in medicine, so they’re just going to have to be uncomfortable.

This is alarmingly true. There was a very thorough Swedish study that spanned about 30 years that showed that people who underwent sex-reassignment surgery had a suicide rate 19 times higher than their peers.

That is shocking. And it proves that ‘gender affirming care’ is not actually helping anyone.


Perhaps some of these doctors could put themselves and their greed aside and, we don’t know, actually properly treat their patients rather than maim them for life? Just a thought …


No lies detected. Our media believes we are stupid, dear readers. Don’t forget that.


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