May 28, 2024

Former House Speaker and current Democrat Representative from California, Nancy Pelosi, spoke at an Oxford Union event recently. Pelosi argued that populism is a “threat to democracy” (though the Left’s definition of “threats to democracy” these days is “threats to Democrats remaining in power”).

Here’s part of what Pelosi had to say, and unfortunately her remarks didn’t contain any hot stock tips:

Then it was time for a rebuttal (aside from the anti-Israel protesters who showed up to disrupt the event). 

After Pelosi spoke, a man named Winston Marshall had some reality checks for Pelosi, who felt the need to interject on a couple of occasions (which only helped make his points). Watch:

That was amazing.

Pelosi’s just not used to hearing those things, mostly because she’s accustomed to softball interviews on MSM outlets.

Pelosi admitted she believes the 2016 election was “hijacked” but that doesn’t mean Dems didn’t accept the results. That’s quite hilarious.


When Trump was president the first time, Pelosi certainly didn’t behave as if she’d accepted the results of the 2016 election:

Pelosi tried to talk her way out of it and only dug the hole deeper.

Pelosi must have needed a nice cold bowl of Jeni’s ice cream after that shellacking.