April 23, 2024

Christopher Rufo and Libs of TikTok have uploaded proof that public school teachers are teaching the Native Americans celebrated their “two-spirited” tribe members, and it was only after European colonizers took over that the idea of the “gender binary” was forced upon them. Until the settlers landed, there was no idea of male and female, apparently.

A post on X is getting a lot of attention for similar reasons. The argument is that the only reason Palestine was ever “homophobic” was because the British criminalized gay marriage.

This is what kicked it off:

Community Notes got hold of that one:

There was no Palestinian state until 1988. From 1948 to 1967, the West Bank was controlled by Jordan. Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip.

Jordan decriminalised same-sex relations in 1951. They did not legalise gay marriage.

So there was nothing, say, in their religion that opposed same-sex relationships? It was the British?


“Back in reality, Hamas regularly tortured and executed people suspected of being gay in Gaza. Even their own senior commanders:”

They’re teaching in schools that Native Americans were all happily trans until the white people showed up and forced the gender binary on them.


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