April 25, 2024

Trump likes to say he’s the
most persecuted politician in American history, but as usual, the opposite is
the truth. Against anyone else who did all the things Trump has done, or stands
accused of having done, the wheels of justice, legal and political, would have
moved more swiftly. He should have been impeached and convicted when he fired
James Comey four months into his first year in office because Comey affirmed
the FBI was investigating Trump’s 2016 campaign, and Trump admitted on national
TV that that was the reason he was firing Comey. The firing was a blatant high
crime. I have no doubt Mitch McConnell knows it.

And anyone else who incited an
insurrection against the temple of our democracy and wanted his own vice
president hanged would have been drummed out of politics the next week. Instead,
Kevin McCarthy went down to Mar-a-Lago to lick his boots. And that man might be
president again.

This is the advantage to the
debaser of debasing standards of behavior. He is eventually held to no standard
in the media, which just rolls its collective eyes. I would like to think,
though, that voters, or at least enough of them, still have standards. Trump will
do things between now and November to make this Biden video look mild, and the
voters will finally say enough.