March 2, 2024

We are not sure this is real or some elaborate prank. Seriously. Let’s look at some of these facts.

There’s this Muslim trans woman who goes by “Dee” in Michigan.

Take a second to let that sink in.

Dee converted to Islam (presumably for the rigid conservative moral and sexual values).

When Dee transitioned, she kept her testicles – in the fridge.

Are you with us so far? Because now it gets weird.

Dee is suing to get her testicles back from her ex. Yes, she wants “Deez Nuts” and specifically refers to them as that.

Keep going.

Frankly, if this is real, and it seems to be, this is the kind of thing that puts comedians and the Babylon Bee out of business. Nothing can be said that is more absurd than what you just saw.

But don’t let that stop you. Twitter (X) had a blast with it.


This is the Universe where Spock has a beard.

Yeah, we noticed that too.

The end of civilization, friend.

Hey, speaking of … what’s up Thanos?

Truth. But many would say, “naw, that’ll never sell. It’s too unbelievable!”

Maybe Allen Funt is running Candid Camera up there in heaven? (Google it, kids, you’ll appreciate it.)

And it’s only February.

Solid life advice circa 2024.

They had it backwards: Life imitates art, not the other way around.

Ha ha! We hadn’t considered that. A Muslim trans-woman with a support dog. Perfect fit for the Biden Administration.


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