April 22, 2024

President Biden’s approval numbers are dismal but can you imagine where they might be if the country had an honest and objective mainstream media? 

Another example of the media carrying some heavy water for this administration was spotted on MSNBC, and it’s a doozy (via Grabien News’ Tom Elliott) that comes with a beverage warning:

That was like an audition tape for the Biden White House press office.

Also, “communist California”? Too funny:

This administration would love to throw Biden’s political opponents in prison so all this is some serious gaslighting from this particular MSNBC “journalist” (that word is said using the most exaggerated finger quotes possible).


All while the Democrats are claiming that Trump will go after his political enemies if he wins in November. Self-awareness among these Democrats and the media is non-existent.

Even North Korean state media might advise MSNBC to dial it down a notch.

Sometimes it seems like they’re even doing more than that.


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