March 4, 2024

Until it reached its exciting climax in the fourth quarter and overtime, there was not a whole lot happening in Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. The game was a scoreless tie after one quarter and San Francisco had just a 10-3 lead at halftime.

But one moment did grab everyone’s attention in the first half, and for all the wrong reasons. Frustrated by Kansas City’s struggling offense, Chiefs All-Pro tight end (and, in case you hadn’t heard, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) Travis Kelce lost his temper on the sidelines and began berating his coach Andy Reid. Kelce even chest-bumped Reid pretty forcefully. Watch:

The negative reaction to Kelce’s behavior was pretty universal. This is something a player simply should NOT do to his coach. In many cases, the coach would bench the player, he would probably be fined, and maybe even suspended. But Kelce is a star, and the Super Bowl championship was on the line. (Plus, we can’t be certain that if Reid DID bench Kelce, Swift may have stormed down from her luxury box and started yelling at the coach herself.)

But after a few moments of those negative comments — and Twitter being Twitter, after all — the moment soon turned into a meme and caption contest, as users across the platform came up with some hilarious ideas for what Kelce may have been shouting at Reid.

We’re not positive who started it all, but we captured some of our favorite memes and captions for you here.

Yep, you sure did, Travis. And fast.


We think Jesse Kelly may have been one of the first ones with a caption, but we can’t be certain.

There were a lot of musical references, mainly from bands known for their screaming.

And, of course, many, MANY references to Swift.

Swift DID announce at the Grammys that she has a new album coming out soon. Just sayin’.

In case you missed it, Kelce’s outfit he wore to the game was … something else. It looked like a glitter bomb exploded all over him.

Others thought that maybe Kelce was just a little bit ‘hangry.’

How DARE you, Crumble Cookies? Taylor’s not going to be happy about that.

Of course, movie references abounded.

There’s never a bad time for a Monty Python reference.

Or a bad time for a Wrath of Khan reference, for that matter.

It’s a question the entire Star Wars-loving world is asking. 

OK, technically not a movie reference but a nice callback to when Saturday Night Live was actually funny.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new Twister movie coming out. And we don’t know how they’re going to do it without Paxton or Hoffman either (but it does have Hangman from Top Gun: Maverick in it, so that’s cool).

Is Swift the 21st-century version of Rose from Titanic? It is entirely possible.

Then there were the ones that were just hilarious all on their own.

That’s as good as the version of the J.D. Wentworth commercial set to Eminem’s scene in 8-Mile.

Never a good idea to play a football game with gas. Let it out, Travis. Let it all out.

There WAS a streaker at the Super Bowl. Several of them, in fact. Except they were just guys with their shirts off, not true streakers. That’s pretty weak sauce, boys. If you’re going to get arrested, might as well go ‘The Full Monty.’

Bieber’s a hockey fan, so he wasn’t there. He’s still resting up from the NHL All-Star Game.

Is there ANYWHERE those people can’t find you?

Reid does bear a resemblance to Twitter’s Tugboat Phil. And, as Twitter reminded everyone, also a resemblance to Wilford Brimley.

Coach Reid is just looking out for his players. You can’t blame him for that.

Yikes. We’re just gonna move on from that one, LOL.

This writer is a total Tolkien geek, so we LOVED this reference to Tom Bombadil.

Finally, cultural issues and politics couldn’t stay out of the game forever. Even a leftist, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, tried to get into the fun … really badly.

Good Lord, will the left EVER learn to meme? They are so bad at it. Bates got buried with some far funnier captions and memes in his replies.


Senator Chris Murphy tried and failed too.

Kelce is spot on with that one. And we don’t blame him for shouting the truth so loudly.


Poor Joe Biden and his ‘stutter.’ That will never get old. Ever.

Pfizer had one of the WORST commercials in the entire Super Bowl this year. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

Yep. You knew that one was coming.

Bud Light tried to rehabilitate itself with a commercial tonight too. It didn’t work out so well. 

We’ll give the last entry to one of our favorite conservative commentators, Mary Katherine Ham:

LOL. The Hammer never misses. That is perfect.

It sure doesn’t look like Twitter is tired of it, Travis. You’d better get used to it. You behaved horribly on the field and you deserve to get called out.

But hey. To soften the blow, at least you’ve got another Super Bowl title and a world-famous girlfriend … for now, anyway.


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