April 25, 2024

The uproar over the recent proclamation by The White House continues to ripple through everyday discourse.

In a way, at times, it seems only he can. Trump has tapped into the frustration of millions of Christians who feel slighted by Joe Biden.

The idea resonated with the crowd of supporters who were present.

Well said, Robert.

It seems a lot of people like the idea.

The question is, will it manifest how Trump hopes it will?

If this doesn’t change, it may not.

Remember, remember the fifth of November …

You can share once every four years.



Yes indeed. We’re all in this together. 

The truth is that Trump is flawed and imperfect, but who isn’t? 

He’s one of the only politicians in history, if not the only one, to donate his salary while in office, and he seems to have a genuine love of this country we haven’t seen in a while. You have a decision to make, dear reader, and no one can decide but you. This November 5th, who will you choose?


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