April 25, 2024

Former President Donald Trump may have had a lot of lawfare thrown at him, but somehow he seems to keep hanging in there, despite the roadblocks laid in his way. 

Now he’s prevailed in being able to secure the $175 million bond that he needed to be able to proceed with his appeal in the NY civil fraud case. 

Initially, he was being required to pay a bond that was an almost insurmountable $454 million.

Without intervention from an appeals court, defense lawyers argued that Trump would suffer irreparable harm by having to sell off his namesake properties before he exhausted his appeal of the fraud ruling.

Fortunately, last Monday that amount was reduced to $175 million and he was given another ten days to be able to meet the amount.

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Trump secured the bond through Knight Specialty Insurance Company. Good for them, because given the present-day insanity, it might be considered a brave and courageous thing for them to just do their job like this. 

Because the amount of the award is unrelated to the damage to the alleged “victims,” I think that a huge amount of the $454 million is likely to be reduced on appeal, even if Trump doesn’t win the appeal outright. 

We’ll have to see how it goes, but that’s great news that now he will be able to proceed.