May 20, 2024

I wrote about the run-up to former President Donald Trump’s speech in Wildwood, New Jersey, that you had people camping out on the beach since Thursday to make sure they got seats at the rally. I have a friend there who camped out Friday night and woke up to hundreds around him this morning, who were there already, long before the 5 p.m. speech. 

READ MORE:  Trump Drawing Thousands to Rally in Wildwood As People Camp Out on New Jersey Beach Overnight

It was taking on a Woodstock kind of a feel and yes, they were registering people to vote. 

It seemed like everyone was out and lining the streets. 

The numbers there were astounding. 

According to reports, including from the AP:

Lisa Fagan, spokesperson for the city of Wildwood, told The Associated Press that she estimated the crowd represented between 80,000 and 100,000 attendees, based off her own observations on the scene Saturday, having seen “dozens” of other events in the same space.

The beachfront gathering, described by Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., as the largest political gathering in state history, was designed to serve as a show of force at a critical moment for Trump, who is facing dozens of felony charges in four separate criminal cases with the election less than six months away. There is a real possibility that Trump could be a convicted felon by Election Day.

Trump ripped how Biden had driven costs up for everything. 

Football legends Lawrence Taylor and Otis “OJ” Anderson, who are golfing buddies of Trump, also came out. Taylor said he had been a Democrat. But now, because of Trump, no one in his family will ever vote Democrat again. 

Anderson noted no one in the audience had left, even being there for hours or days. 

Trump encouraged people to vote early or on Election Day, but to get out and vote.

This is a developing story, and RedState will provide further details as they become available.