March 4, 2024

First, NYU was sued by Jewish students for allowing antisemitism to run rampant on campus. Now it’s UC Berkeley’s turn. 

More of this, please.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A civil rights nonprofit is suing the University of California Berkeley for permitting a “longstanding, unchecked spread of anti-Semitism” on its campus that has turned it into a “hotbed of anti-Jewish hostility and harassment,” according to a copy of the complaint obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The complaint, filed Tuesday by the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, an organization that combats anti-Semitism, documents previously unreported instances of anti-Semitism and violence against Jewish students perpetrated in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror strike on Israel. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and names the University of California Regents, UC president Michael Drake, UC Berkeley chancellor Carol Christ, and other officials as defendants.

“Anti-Semitism has run rampant at the school” as pro-Palestinian protesters rally against the Jewish state and praise Hamas’s slaughter of more than 1,200 Jews, according to the Brandeis Center. This includes a violent attack on a “Jewish undergraduate draped in an Israeli flag” and several incidents of pro-Palestinian students spouting “hatred and threats against Jews.”

As we’ve said, hitting these colleges in the wallet is the only way they’ll address the antisemitism they’ve allowed to fester on campus.


What happened to ‘safe spaces,’ ‘microagressions,’ and ‘punching Nazis’? 

We’ve argued ‘safe spaces’ and ‘microaggressions’ and DEI have laid the foundation for this antisemitism, and the universities were hotbeds of all for years.

Don’t forget this.

While the administration labels parents at school board meetings and traditional Catholics ‘domestic terrorists’, they’re willing to shell out billions of dollars to pay off the student loans of students like this.

Yes, please. A LOT more of this.

We’ll watch for the outcomes of these lawsuits. We suspect the universities will drag them out through the courts, but we hope justice will prevail.

Check, check, check.

Amazing how antisemitism is a free speech issue, but Berkeley didn’t feel that way when Ben Shapiro came to campus.

Let’s hope it continues.

Imagine a lawyer who is antisemitic; how could the possibly defend Jewish clients fairly?

Enough is enough.

It’s not just California. It’s the Ivy League and a lot of other colleges and universities.

The problem of antisemitism on campus is real; we see it with our own two eyes on a daily basis. Since the colleges — so quick to squash conservative speakers on campus — are framing it as a ‘free speech’ issue, and even giving extra credit to students who participate in walk outs, they’re complicit and must be held accountable.


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