May 24, 2024

Look — losing weight is hard. This writer has struggled with weight for years. Losing weight takes discipline — calorie counting, making better food choices, and consistent exercise — but it can be done.

Obesity is a major health problem. It’s tied to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and kidney dysfunction. It’s dangerous to be morbidly obese.

But the UCLA medical school has to woke-ify healthcare, to the detriment of patients.

Here’s an alarming thread about what they’re doing:

We like how they censored ‘obesity’.

WTF is a ‘fat liberationist’?

‘Exact violence’ on fat people.

Sure, Jan.


It is extensive and dangerous misinformation. It’ll get people killed.

Shocking is an understatement.

Oh, good gravy.

Extremism in medical school. What could possibly go wrong?

Ah, intersectionality.

‘Liberatory practice of medicine.’ 

‘Hxstories’; this is how you know it’s really Left wing bat s**t crazy.

So DEI not only makes things less safe for patients, but for medical staff as well.

Here come more shortages of doctors and nurses.

They’re not going to tolerate being assaulted on the job.

This curriculum was already approved. They’re okay with it.

Complete gutting of the membership and leadership.

‘Nonsensical’ is putting it mildly.

The thread is very long. We suggest you read the entire thing.

This is bad, very bad, for healthcare. Patients and staff. And it needs to end.