May 20, 2024

Steel City Interactive has posted another Undisputed update with CEO and creative director Ash Habib and studio lead Tom Miles, to discuss what’s been happening behind the scenes and what’s coming to the official 1.0 launch. At the end of the video they show new in-game belt celebrations, belt entrances, punch animations, improved punch targeting and expanded customization options in character creator. They also highlight the improved head movement, increased punch impact, punch follow throughs, improved combo flow, hit reactions, stamina changes, punch speed changes and more.

While many requested features will be included in the 1.0 launch, some, like the clinch system and vulnerability mechanics, will be postponed to ensure a polished core experience. The team plans to continue updating the game post-launch based on community feedback and their own vision for improvement. As for the release date on consoles and PC, we’ve heard this before, but details will be announced soon.