May 28, 2024

The record-breaking rally Trump had in super blue New Jersey was very telling, and not in a good way if you’re Biden or one of his supporters. Even people in New Jersey can’t ignore the mess President Sliver Alert has made of this country, our economy, and sadly at this point, of the world. Nothing says you’re a corrupt, inept, Botox-filled loser like turning your back on our strongest ally.

But we digress.

All of this being said, support for Trump may not matter if the ‘machine’ is in full gear once again in November. James Woods called down the thunder on Biden and the Democrats while also rallying the troops to get out there and REFUSE to lose.

Take a look:

His post continues:

Feeling confident behind the millions of illegals he’s imported, plus the proven grift of mail-in ballot harvesting, Joseph Biden knows this upcoming “election” is a slam dunk. He has even promised to import Palestinian “refugees,” if nothing more than just as a gleeful slap in the face to American citizens and our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Israel. His puppet masters will once again cheat, and lie, and engage in crooked lawfare without the slightest regard to the constitution, the laws of the land, or the will of the people. It worked in 2020, and they are going to keep on doing it. Until we don’t tolerate it any more…


Makes you want to run through a brick wall to vote for Trump, right?

Just. Like. That.


Now now, they said it was ‘fortified,’ not stolen.


Don’t poke the lion.

It’s crazy to see that because for so long people on the Left insisted the Right was all about the wealthy, connected, and privileged. We’re seeing that’s just not true … not anymore.



Yeah, that too.



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