May 24, 2024

We’re going to go ahead and hazard a guess that this is a thing among white female liberals. USA Today says that women are signing up for something called “rage rituals,” where the scream at the sky and beat the ground with sticks and then hug it out. For a quote about how this expands women’s capacity for joy, they went to the author of “IntuWitchin”

Charles Trepany reports:

Kimberly Helmus still gets chills thinking about her first rage ritual.

Two-and-a-half years ago after her divorce, the cybersecurity engineer embarked on a retreat to Scotland with Mia Banducci − an author and self-described “Spiritual Fairy Godmother,” better known online as Mia Magik.

As part of the retreat, Banducci held a rage ritual: a ceremony in which participants scream and beat large sticks on the ground in the woods. Participants are encouraged to think of people and experiences that have wronged them and to scream and swing the sticks for at least 20 minutes, or until they can no longer move their arms.

Rage rituals have garnered attention on TikTok, where they’ve resonated, particularly with women. In comments, women describe how moving it is to see other women embody their anger − an emotion experts say society often discourages women from expressing.


Mia Banducci says her retreats cost between $2,000 and $4,000, but you can get a one-day experience for just $222.

If men were doing it, they’d just be sharing their toxic masculinity. But men have no need for rage rituals because we live in a patriarchy and everything’s great.