March 4, 2024

Calling the southern border in the United States a sieve right now would be an insult to sieves. The record numbers of illegal aliens flooding across the border every day and then being funneled into virtually every state has been a crisis all through the Biden administration ever since the current President issued executive orders on his first day in office canceling many Trump-era border policies that were working. 

It has gotten so bad that even hardcore leftist Democrats like Chris Murphy are finally admitting that it is a crisis.

Recently, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott issued a statement in defiance of the Biden administration, saying that Texas will continue to enforce the border and more than 20 Republican governors — including normally kind of squishy Utah Governor Spencer Cox — declared that they stand with Texas. Cox and many others also committed to sending National Guard forces from their states down to assist Texas. 

This has made many Democrats very unhappy, including the Utah Democratic Party, which took to Twitter today to try to embarrass Cox with a meme. 

But, since everyone knows that the left can’t meme, they only succeeded in executing a hilarious faceplant. 

Oh, isn’t that cute? They can draw on a map. 

But why are they only showing the distance to Eagle Pass? Do they really think that’s the only place that illegals swarm across the border in Texas? Or do they just think that Americans are that dumb? 


The more hilarious failure, of course, is that they seem to think illegals coming across the border into Texas STAY in Texas. Maybe they want to call the mayors of New York City, Chicago, Denver, and many other cities about that one. 

Or maybe they can just check with their own Democrat mayor of Salt Lake City Erin Mendenhall and see what she thinks? 

Ouch. That one hurts right in the leftist propaganda.

They are children. Literal children. Somehow, we don’t think the Utah Democrats map is going to fly too well with actual Utahans. 

It sure is. A mind-numbingly stupid take, granted, but a take all the same. 

But seeing as how they brought it up, others wanted to know what Utah Democrats thought about borders in some other areas that also are not adjacent to Texas. 

Oooh, that’s a little embarrassing. But don’t worry, there are receipts. 

Whoops, Utah Democrats. 

HA. Nice callback to Biden’s catastrophic press conference.

Difficult to dispute any of those points. 

That’s simply a reality right now. And Utah Democrats know it. But they’ll keep trying to deflect and gaslight because, honestly, what else do they have in their bag anymore?

You truly have to wonder if Democrats have anyone sane advising them right now. Otherwise, the only conclusion is that they don’t care about their messaging because they are planning on cheating in every election they can.

They never will. Never. 

Yes, it’s true that Cox is not the most conservative governor in America. Not even close. But he is doing the right thing here about the border crisis and we should support him in that. We know Abbott and Texas do. 

And we get the added bonus of Democrats just epically stepping on rakes over and over again about the issue. 


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