April 22, 2024

Mondays, by and large, suck. They just do. So if we can make it a little bit brighter, we’re happy to do so.

This guy, singing karaoke on a street corner, will blow your mind and lift your spirits.

We’ve watched this video about a dozen times. His voice is so amazing we can’t help ourselves.

Watch and listen:


What else can we say?

Seriously get this man a record deal. We’d buy his albums.

Some of the best parts of the video are the reactions of the crowd.

We wish we could sing so well.

If this writer tried karaoke, she’d be violating the Geneva Conventions.




Simply sublime.

Some of us went to church, sang, and still sound like a cat in a blender.

He really did. Incredible stuff.

We believe you.

Like we said, we’ve listened to it multiple times and it still makes us smile.


There is more that unites us than divides us.

Every cookout, every wedding, every graduation.

Smooth like buttah.

Certainly one of the bright spots so far.

We chuckled at this.

Yep. Listening to it again and goosebumps.

That should be the name of his debut album: Plaid-Wrapped Soul.

Music is a great uniter.


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