December 1, 2023

Gosh, you’d think someone like the president of Media Matters would be more mindful of his old antisemitic and anti-trans blog posts and yet HERE we are. Seems Libs of TikTok has stumbled upon a few of Angelo Caruson’s old writings … 

And considering why his organization is being sued by Elon Musk, these seem kinda sorta and totally relevant, don’t you think?

Take a look:

Ummm … yikes.

Exactly. The hate they want to stop is anyone and everyone who dares disagree with them in any way. It has nothing to do with ‘stopping hate’ and everything to do with silencing the opposition.


They are the BADDIES.

But but but … when Libs of TikTok shares their crazy, hate-filled videos people see how crazy and hate-filled they really are and THAT’S MEAN.

They’re the biggest bigots for a reason, ya’ know.



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