May 24, 2024

Another day, another bizarre bank account, transaction, etc. somehow connected to the Biden Crime Family. At this point, it’s hard to keep track of what is new and what is old but guys, all of this looks shady and corrupt AF.

And this man is the leader of the free world.

Don’t even get us started.

Patrick Webb with the breaking news about NEW bank accounts from the Biden Family:

Post continues:

… influence peddling while Joe was Vice President, with over $240,000 in checks being directly wired to Joe Biden with no explanation of what services were provided in exchange for the payments.

With no explanation.

Ya’ don’t say?

It’s hard to describe your service when it’s nothing more than selling your family name, connections, and power. What do you call that? 


Webb noticed Community Notes had ‘noted’ him, so he address that with some receipts:

His post continues:

These “loans” were also forgiven and never paid back, according to @RepJamesComer.

Seems like fairly LARGE loans to just forgive, ya’ know?

Good question.

Not to mention the poor old man just worries nonstop about his son Hunter from the moment he gets up until the moment a few hours later when he falls asleep.

We’re not exactly holding our breath.



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