May 24, 2024

You probably recall that special counsel Robert Hur’s final report about Joe Biden having classified documents in his Wilmington garage and other locations concluded that no charges were being recommended because a jury would likely find that the person who is now the U.S. president is not mentally competent to be prosecuted. 

Biden and his allies immediately lashed out, claiming that the president is fully mentally competent (especially the “behind the scenes” Biden the general public never sees). 

The White House is so eager to prove that Biden’s on top of his game mentally that they fully support releasing the audio of Hur’s interviews with Biden. Wait, no they don’t: 

For now it looks like we’ll never hear the recordings of the “sharp as a tack” president leading the most transparent administration ever. 

We’ve been told Biden did nothing wrong but for some reason the White House doesn’t want us to hear a firsthand explanation why directly from the subject of the Hur investigation.


The White House provided this excuse for not wanting the audio released:

The White House has blocked the release of audio from President Joe Biden’s interview with a special counsel about his handling of classified documents, arguing Thursday that Republicans in Congress only wanted the recordings “to chop them up” and use them for political purposes. 

The dispute over access to the recordings is at the center of a Republican effort to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress and more broadly to hinder the Democratic president’s reelection effort in the final months of the closely contested campaign. 

“The absence of a legitimate need for the audio recordings lays bare your likely goal — to chop them up, distort them, and use them for partisan political purposes,” White House counsel Ed Siskel wrote in a scathing letter to House Republicans ahead of scheduled votes by two House committees to refer Garland to the Justice Department for the contempt charges over the department’s refusal to hand over the audio.

Biden’s video challenging Trump to a debate yesterday morning was chopped up several times in 15 seconds so it’s kind of funny to hear the White House concerned about edits.

Maybe somebody could ask Karine Jean-Pierre how Republicans would benefit from the release of the audio. She’d lie in response of course but at least it would be nice to hear the question asked.


We expect most or all of the Biden water carriers in the media to help the White House come up with excuses for why the audio should remain unreleased.