February 21, 2024

As we told you earlier, special counsel Robert Hur’s report about the classified documents Joe Biden possessed (many of them kept in his Delaware garage) was released, and it’s a doozy. 

The report states that yes, Biden did break the law, but charges aren’t being recommended because the president’s memory is very weak, so he might not have known he was committing a crime. Yes, we’re still talking about the President of the United States here. 

This report dropped at an inconvenient time for the White House, especially considering they’ve been busy trying to spin Biden’s claims of recent conversations with people who have been dead for quite a while. 

Hur’s report includes a letter from Biden’s lawyers trying to convince the special counsel to keep the “bad memory” stuff under wraps: 

The Team Biden spin machine is whirring away:

Because no president ever has had so much on his plate that he forgot when he was Vice President?


Can you only imagine what the actual transcripts would show?

As always, we get to play the “just imagine if Trump did this” game.

The special counsel should have written back, “OK fine, Biden’s sharp as a tack and knew exactly what he was doing, therefore I’m going to recommend criminal charges.”


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