December 1, 2023

The legend goes that about three decades ago, when Ranjan Pai was looking to study medicine, he failed to get into Manipal medical college, which was run by his father. It was only after a year of good grades at the medical college in Davanagere, which Pai ended up joining, that he was admitted into Manipal. That may have infused the incumbent chairman of Manipal Education and Medical Group with a special regard for things related to education.


So in 2012, when Pai discovered by happenstance that the Fortune Inn Valley View hotel in Manipal was buzzing because teacher-turned-entrepreneur Byju Raveendran was holding classes there, Pai was intrigued, impressed, and interested. The following year, Aarin Capital, founded by Ranjan Pai

First Published: Nov 20 2023 | 9:30 PM IST