May 28, 2024

President Biden’s open border continues to deliver millions of people the Democrats hope to turn into voters at some point, but until then they’re being housed and fed on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime. Here’s the latest example of a sanctuary state politician trying to deal with a problem this administration created, all with their blessing: 

Not unexpectedly, “sanctuary states/cities” are finding their resources drained to house and feed people Biden invited into the country en masse. 

From the Boston Herald:

Families in overflow shelters must reapply each month for services and prove they are seeking a job or long-term housing to remain eligible for room at one of the state-funded sites.

The Bay State Correctional Center overflow site will be staffed around the clock by a contracted services provider and families staying in the shelter will be provided with transportation on and off the site, according to the Healey administration.


Massachusetts schools are receiving aid from enrollment and other extra costs incurred that are associated with educating students in emergency shelters at a rate of $104 per student per day, according to the Healey administration.

Grants of $1,000 per student are also available in districts service students in local emergency shelters, according to the state.


So, “kids in cages”? Attn. AOC!

It’s definitely “D”ifferent these days.