March 4, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris is still, ostensibly, the border czar for the Biden administration, right?

She’s doing a bang up job.

Remind us again how immigration isn’t a problem.

More from The New York Post:

The San Diego International Airport has become overrun with migrants waiting for flights out of the area — with more than 300 hunkering down there last week, including some who sat on the floor for days.

“It’s grown exponentially, and we’re not totally sure why,” said Krystle Johnson, a volunteer with We All We Got, to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“It’s almost becoming a second [migrant welcome] center because there’s so many people there,” she said of the airport.

Volunteers say the situation has gotten worse in recent weeks.

Roni Elias, another volunteer for We All We Got, said the organization had typically been bringing 50 sandwiches and meal packs to migrants at the airport, but when she handed them out last week, she realized that wasn’t close to enough.

It’s so bad, and no one in government has any interest in fixing it.

People notice this, and yet the politicians do nothing.

Andy Ngo and staff at The Post Millennial has more:


They write:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have taken to sleeping at the San Diego airport for days after being processed by border patrol agents, as they wait for their flights to leave. 

According to Fox 5, immigrants have historically been known to stay overnight the day before a flight, but recently have been showing up days in advance. Local organizations report the number of people sleeping there has recently increased significantly. 

One volunteer with the We All We Got aid organization, Roni Elias told the outlet that they have had to increase the number of aid packages they deliver to the airport. She said, “We would initially make just about 50 sandwiches, 50 meal packs for people. But then, we realized that was not enough.” 

“Last week, I counted 308 people sleeping over,” Elais added. Our biggest concern is all the children that are there and the vulnerable populations that are sleeping there.” 

Another volunteer with the organization, Krystle Johnson, told the San Diego Union-Tribune, that the airport is “almost becoming a second (migrant welcome) center because there’s so many people there.”

Is AOC going to show up and cry at the terminals?

We’re waiting for this explanation too.

Never mind the human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other crimes unfettered illegal immigration bring.

Yes, it should be. But it won’t.


No, it cannot.

And you’d be hard pressed to find another nation that allowed this to happen. Because most wouldn’t.

Our tax dollars probably paid for a lot of that, alas.

Yes, it will. It has to. This is unsustainable.

Gavin Newsom said he’d fix homelessness in California. You mean he lied?!

And they don’t care.

At every level, and yet they keep getting elected and re-elected. And that’s on the voters.


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