March 2, 2024

We feel like a one-trick pony today with as much as we’ve written about Biden being too old and out of it mentally to be held accountable for his actions AND that monumentally bad press conference, but holy cow you guys, there is just so much content on this today. And it’s all making us laugh so of course, we want to share it with you.

For example, meet White House Advisor Ian Sams. Ian tried to spin Biden’s presser … it did not go well for him.



He yelled a lot. Got angry and super confused but we’re not sure that’s powerful, Ian.

Cringe. Sad. Pathetic. Scary. Funny.





Don’t know about you guys but we don’t like any politician enough to make THIS big of a fool of ourselves. Publicly.

Ain’t it though?

Don’t believe your lying eyes.


And that’s a bingo!



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