February 21, 2024

This is so pathetic. It’s an election year, and voters have watched for three years as President Biden has done nothing to stop the invasion at our border; instead, the White House has filed lawsuits against Texas every time it put up a barrier to deter illegal immigrants from crossing. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Biden administration can cut the razor wire that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has put up … resulting in Abbott putting up even more razor wire.

Illegal immigration is a huge issue for voters in 2024, so Biden has to do something. He said that he’d sign a garbage bipartisan bill in the Senate that still let in thousands of illegal immigrants every day. That bill died in the Senate, so now NBC News is reporting that Biden is considering taking executive action to deter illegal immigration — after undoing all of President Donald Trump’s executive actions to secure the border on his first day in office.

The laws are on the books … all he has to do is enforce them, which he refuses to do. NBC News reports:

The Biden administration is considering taking executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border, according to two U.S. officials.

As passing legislation on border security in Congress appears unlikely, the plans under consideration signal that the White House wants to take action before numbers at the border, which have dropped in the past month, rise again as expected.

The unilateral measures under consideration might upset some progressives in Congress, the officials said, but they noted that Democratic mayors who have asked for more help from the federal government to handle the influx of migrants in their cities would be pleased. The measures are still being drafted and are not expected to take place any time soon.


Just put Trump’s policies back in place, or better yet, put Trump back in the White House.

It wasn’t a border security bill, it was a $61 billion aid package to Ukraine with $20 billion for the border tacked on to make it “bipartisan.”

NBC News tells us the plans have been under consideration for months — during which Biden claimed he needed Congress to give him the authority to close the border.


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