May 20, 2024

As you all know, “Genocide Joe” Biden buckled under the pressure of his radical base a while ago and started to do everything it could to convince Benjamin Netanyahu to “tone it down” a bit in Gaza and wrap things up in a matter of weeks, and not months — certainly not past the U.S. elections. The sight of Israel winning a war that Hamas started was too much for some people.

Biden went on CNN this week and told Erin Burnett if Israel invades the city of Rafah, the U.S. will stop supplying it with artillery shells, bombs for fighter jets, and other offensive weapons. Never mind that Hamas has been firing rockets out of Rafah.

Biden made that clear on TV this week, but the New York Times reports that Biden threatened to withhold aid from Israel back in February during a call with Benjamin Netanyahu. The White House reportedly kept that bit out of the official readout of the call “to try to avoid a public blowup.”

“Didn’t put it into the readout of the call.”


Eric Ciaramella? Who’s that? Is that the man some say was the “whistleblower” whose name couldn’t be revealed?

Why didn’t somebody blow the whistle on this?  

As we reported earlier this week, the White House apparently thinks Hamas has suffered enough.

Israel will finish the job with or without U.S. military aid, which Biden just approved. The U.S. was delaying the sale of precision bombs “to send a message to Israel,” a source told Politico.