May 24, 2024

After the Biden campaign made a big deal about debating Donald Trump yesterday — first in a 14-second video with five jump cuts, which was quickly followed by a laundry list of demands — it looks like two debates are set: one for June 27 and another for September.

We have to wonder if the White House is having buyer’s remorse over this decision. Watch this video of Biden, confused, responding to a reporter’s question about the upcoming debates. The debates the Biden campaign wanted, mind you.

Well, now we know why they’re demanding no audience. Biden clearly can’t function in front of a crowd of people making noise.

But he’s fine. Totally fine.


It went bye-bye real quick, didn’t it?

We really don’t understand what the end game was in this decision. There’s no outcome that doesn’t look bad for the Biden campaign. They can’t cancel the debates; even if they try to blame it on Trump, they’re the ones who demanded the debates in the first place and Trump agreed to the terms. Biden clearly can’t handle a crowd. He can’t talk for 14 seconds without needing editing. He can’t walk across the White House lawn alone anymore. He turns into Ron Burgundy with the teleprompter.


What will they do? An earpiece? Advanced questions? Both look terrible and both would be impossible to hide from the public, which already has doubts about Biden’s mental acuity.

They don’t want the press asking questions, or getting answers, or seeing things.

They can’t hide behind word games and semantics on this.

Being the leader of the free world means you’ll be getting a lot of attention, a lot of questions, and a lot of press coverage. It comes with the job.

If Biden can’t handle that, maybe he shouldn’t be president.

We don’t see how they back out of it now, not without taking major hit to the campaign.

They’re going to try. But we doubt it’ll be successful; Biden can’t handle anything.

We’re not sure. Which is sad, really.