April 25, 2024

In recent news, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Florida’s privacy protections do not extend to guard abortion rights. Currently, FL law allows abortions up to 15 weeks gestation, yet the decision allows another state law, backed by Republicans including Gov. Ron DeSantis, to go into effect in roughly a month and drop the limit to six weeks. Abortion advocates accurately said that the Dobbs ruling allows for each state to determine their own abortion laws, which means that reinstating the limits set by Roe (up to 24 weeks) is on the Florida ballot in November. 

Whoever runs Joe Biden’s X account weighed in on the issue:

Now, apparently the author of that tweet is just as dim as poor Joe is these days, because TRUMP didn’t end Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court rightly ruled on the side of the tenth amendment, which Roe was in violation of. Also, Roe never made abortion a constitutionally protected right, it only made abortion legal nationwide up to 24 weeks. Lefties don’t seem to understand that.

Excellent question.


These are not good or nice people, Valentina.


Yeah, Catholicism very openly states that this is a mortal sin rather than a venial sin. Biden was even denied communion at a South Carolina church over his support for abortion. That’s actually a rather big deal, to put it mildly. Another X user explained it for us:

The full text of his post reads:

A priest will not always deny a catholic communion even if he knows if he has been in mortal sin because he cannot know if that person has been to confession since he last saw him. That Joe Biden was denied communion is very significant because this is reserved for generally speaking, NOTORIOUS sinners. *It peserves assurance that the Body and Blood of the Lord will not be profaned*, *it is a public condemnation, a public recognition of his malice*, a remedial act to him to shame him into a change of heart, and to not give scandal to the faithful. This is no small thing. This is public acknowledgement that he is acting in a gravely evil manner.

That’s pretty dang significant.

This is correct. The instances of pregnancy being SO dangerous that no medical treatments can mitigate the risk to the mother and her life is in imminent danger is statistically insignificant. Not that the women themselves are insignificant, for any angry lefties reading this, just that there are so few of cases of this actually being the issue and it’s not the reason why most women are seeking abortions. We should not permit using those women as human shields for abortion on demand with no restrictions.

Keep in mind that this is exactly the reason Democrats never enshrined Roe into law in the 50 some-odd years they had to get that done. They knew then and they know now that it’s way more effective for them to use as a carrot to dangle in front of the noses of their base. If they make it law, they can’t use it as a campaign issue anymore.

That’s the entire point. It’s why they do it.

Heh, you got ’em there.

That’s because propaganda rots your brain.

But let’s just address the obvious: that’s the only tactic the Democrats have in their arsenal.


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