May 20, 2024

Remember when they impeached Trump because they heard he may have threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if they didn’t give up the dirt they had on Biden? Nobody actually heard that phone call (c’mon, Vindman, really?), but the idea this phone call may have taken place at all was enough for Democrats to impeach him.


We have actual, hard evidence that even The Washington Post is publishing about the Biden admin knowingly keeping information from Israel that could have ended the war months ago … and now they’re trying to bribe them with the intel they should have shared with them in the first place because they are our freakin’ ally.

How is that not impeachable?

His post continues:

… “specific and high quality” intelligence that will help the IDF locate Sinwar and uncover the remaining tunnels in Gaza. My analysis on this will follow shortly.

What. The. Freakin’. FREAK?!


The post continues:

Keeping Israel’s hostages kidnapped

Keeping Israel under threat of rocket attacks 

Keeping Gazans endangered

Perpetuating the war


Don’t forget the American hostages as well … 

Biden wants to win re-election and he has to pander to people who cheer terrorists against our own allies.

Think about that for a minute.

It’s just insane.

No, wait, sorry … it’s evil.

Maybe even treason?



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