May 20, 2024

Not all animals are cute and cuddly. Wild animals of all kinds are, in fact, very dangerous and should be given wide berth. You shouldn’t take selfies with them, try to move them, or otherwise interfere with what they’re doing. It’s a good way to get hurt, or even killed.

So when a woman on a Baja beach tried to retrieve her belongings from a curious bull, things went very, very badly for her.

WATCH (NSFW, may be upsetting to some viewers):

Everyone was warning her to stay away.

Because it’s a bull. They wouldn’t be able to help and would likely get charged, too.

Nothing in those beach bags was worth it.

We’re not sure why, either.


Probably a small part of it. Also, just a basic lack of knowledge of wildlife.

+1000 for this reference.

True — sharks kill about five people annually; cows kill about 22.

The bull.

Yes, we can.

A lot of bad decisions.

Don’t fight the bull. You will lose.

We wonder that, too.

We understood this reference.

Solid advice.

Be like this guy. Always be like this guy.