May 24, 2024

Just days after completely gutting Title IX — essentially ending women’s sports — President Biden (or Intern #4, whoever is on social media duty) has the audacity to post this:

For the mathematically challenged — 160 years is 1864. So Biden is arguing Trump has taken us back to the Civil War.

Okay, gramps. Whatever you say.

We don’t matter, apparently.

It really is.

Yeah. 51 years ago.

Yep and Biden didn’t seem to care about that.


Notice how we’re conveniently women when they want our votes? But when they don’t, we’re ‘egg producers.’

Because reasons.

No, he can’t.

Nope. No one.

They’ll never answer that.

DEVOUT Catholic.


President Ron Burgundy has thoughts.

Self-awareness is zero.

A massive failure.

Math is white supremacy.

Or something.