April 23, 2024

WWE 2K24 patch 1.05 and the Forty Years of WrestleMania Pack is available today on all platforms. This pack was included for those that purchased the 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition, for everyone else it costs $19.99. If you’re having problems finding the DLC in their respective stores, here are the links for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. Our friends over at Smacktalks have put together all of the DLC entrances in the embedded video below.

WWE 2K24 patch 1.05 adds double title entrance support in MyGM, the ability to choose which ring announcer to use in match options, resolved camera issues and much more. Check out the patch notes below.


  • – Added full CAS support for Samantha Irvin and Alicia Taylor. 
  • – Match options will also now include the ability for users to select their Ring Announcer choice of Mike Rome, Samantha Irvin, or Alicia Taylor.


  • – Addressed reported concerns where The Bear no Hug 2 Submission may cause cutscene not to trigger.
  • – Addressed reported concerns where camera may incorrectly follow referee online.
  • – Addressed reported concerns where tag at end of tag match may cause camera to lose correct target.
  • – Improvements to Super Finisher visual effects for timing and duration.
  • – Improved Ambulance Mode camera in Ramp View.
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to backstage level geometry occluding camera when on top of ambulance
  • – Camera Cuts in Gameplay>Presentation Options no longer controls Ringside Camera cuts.
  • – Added an option to enable/disable Ringside Cameras under Gameplay >Presentation OptionsRingside Camera Cuts.
  • – Added an option to enable/disable Super Finisher visual effects.
  • – Improved logic for targeting referee in Backstage Brawls.
  • – Disabled split screen with ramp view enabled.


  • – Added Toggle Venue Features option to turn on/off the lighting rigs, rafters, jumbotron, and venue pillars while editing the arena.
  • – Improved object placement valid location detection.
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to having 16 or more custom arenas.
  • – Addressed reported concerns and made adjustments to automatic cameras.
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to canceling placement of objects not returning them to their original position.
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to rope and turnbuckle customizations not applying to the intended part.
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to previous customizations getting removed when reverting the current customization.


  • – Addressed reported concerns related to custom superstars having their fighting style changed to striker when added to Universe.


  • – Tuning for Extreme difficulties – Buffed Extreme AI and Extreme game difficulty, providing an additional challenge for those who seek it.
  • – AI tuning updates – AI is more competitive and is now better at collecting HOF trophies
  • – Special Guest referee matches can now increase existing rivalries between the special guest referee and match participants.
  • – Pre-show UI updates now display more detailed logistic information.
  • – Additional superstar email conversations and interactions.
  • – Updated WrestleMania arena to WrestleMania 39
  • – CAS stars have experience levels auto-set.
  • – Superstar cost ramp tuning.
  • – Text scaling and legibility for superstar email responses.
  • – Support for double title entrances.
  • – Power card tuning.
  • – Shake up tuning.
  • – Bug Fixes.


  • – Addressed reported concerns related to shadows not displaying properly in the WrestleMania 31 daytime arena.


  • – Faction Wars Armor Tuning
  • – Improved Multiplayer Stability
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to Multiplayer Leaderboards
  • – MyRise Zero reward card converted to a Persona card


  • – Converted Zero MyFACTION reward card to a Persona card so Zero can be used in all game modes
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to WarGames Games story in Undisputed not rewarding the DownUpDownUp WarGames version arena.


  • – Addressed reported concerns related to MITB cash-ins
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to MITB briefcase missing or being incorrect
  • – Addressed superstar assignment when editing gauntlet matches
  • – Addressed Cutscene issues
  • – Improved Match Card Consistency
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to Using Custom Arenas in Universe
  • – Adjusted AI cash-in sliders
  • – Addressed reported concerns related to generating championship matches