April 25, 2024

If Donald Trump is elected to a second term in November, his allies plan to end this country’s long-standing oppression of a major marginalized group in America: white people.

Trump’s supporters inside and outside his campaign are making plans to use civil rights laws to counter what they perceive as “anti-white racism,” Axios reported Monday. These include programs that seek to combat racism within the government and corporate America, such as those that provide economic opportunities to marginalized and minority groups. Some of these programs began after the pandemic and racial justice protests of 2020, while others go back decades.

”As President Trump has said, all staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden’s un-American policy will be immediately terminated,” Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, told Axios.

At the center of this push is former Trump adviser Stephen Miller. Since leaving the White House, Miller co-founded America First Legal as a conservative “long-awaited answer to the ACLU.” The group has spent its time filing legal actions ranging from a civil rights complaint over the NFL’s mandatory policy of having teams interview minority candidates for head coaching positions to another complaint that Kellogg’s allegedly sexualized and politicized Pop-Tarts in a marketing campaign.

If elected, one can only suspect that Miller and his allies would have the full force of the federal government to pursue their racist agenda. And Trump voters would likely welcome this, considering 58 percent of them believe that people of color have advantages over white people, according to a CBS News poll from 2023.

And it’s not just Miller: There are a host of right-wing legal minds preparing for day one of a new Trump administration so they can execute a wish list of horrors. The Heritage Foundation, a prominent conservative think tank, already has published Project 2025, a long playbook that not only includes dismantling anti-racism efforts, but also taking aim at reproductive and LGBTQ rights. There’s no telling what more damage Trump could do with a cabinet full of America’s top racist and fascist minds.