March 2, 2024

Here’s a happy follow up to a previous story. The other day we wrote about how Deadspin had been sued for defamation because they falsely smeared Holden Armenta as a racist. We always debate whether or not to mention his name, because from what we understand, kids these days literally Google each other’s names. But the fact is he is already all over the Internet with people defaming him so to the extent we make him more famous, our coverage is entirely positive. He was innocent of the charge—he was even been accused of hating Native Americans despite being at least partially Native American himself.

But it is often said that living well is the best revenge. Toward the end of our previously article, we mentioned that there was a fundraiser to get him to the Super Bowl so he could watch his beloved Chiefs play and we just found out today that the fundraiser was successful. There’s no word on whether he will be seated near Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce, but he is going. 

Via TSMSFKA Twitter (The Social Media Site Formerly Known As Twitter), we get this video from where he heads off to the Super Bowl and makes his own prediction for the game:

For a kid that young, that is a pretty conservative prediction, there. And the credit goes to that fundraiser we mentioned before:

Here’s longer video:

Good for them for giving the kid a helping hand. We just published an article talking about how important it is to have each other’s backs, and it’s nice to see that good people have this kid’s back.


Naturally there were reactions.

We suspect it will be settled, but very much in his favor. Deadspin is likely to lose and get walloped with punitive damages if they take it to trial. Ordinary people will not be happy that this happened to a child.

And for some reason someone posted this Native-American themed music video (with clear modern touches) in the replies.

We don’t know how it related to the story, but we dug it, so we are sharing it with you.

The cut off text reads:

2 weeks ago we started a fundraiser to get him to the Super Bowl. Today, it became a reality, they’re attending.

The grassroots campaign that has an average of $35 donations proved that love is stronger than hate. We did it!

Certainly, Native Patriot and his associates.

Lawsuits rarely go away this quickly.

You don’t have to like football or the Chiefs to be glad for him.

It was the first mistake Deadspin made: Short of actual, criminal conduct, we would be hard pressed to imagine any situation where it is appropriate to attack a kid in the press, even if the claims were truthful. And in this case, they weren’t truthful.

Amen to that. G-dspeed, Holden. Whoever our readers are rooting for in the Super Bowl, we think we can all agree that we hope Holden has a great time tonight.


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